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7 helpful tips to improve Facebook advertising campaign

Its been a nightmare for most of the advertisers to get results from Facebook marketing.You will hear from very few of the advertisers that Facebook marketing really works.However,the fact is that it is really not very difficult to get desired outcome from Facebook advertising however one needs to follow few tips in order to get most out of it.Let’s discuss about 7 of those tips in this blog post.


Tip#1: Define your goals

The first and foremost step in any kind of advertising is to define your goals.You must know the reason of adverting your business on Facebook.Your goal could be to get maximum exposure for your products,gather emails of your targeted audience,getting leads or it may be to encourage users to purchase products/services from your website.Whatever your goal is,once you have well defined goal for your business,you will be able to make sure that all of your Facebook advertising activities are aligned towards the desired goal(s).

Tip#2: Know your audience

After having a well-defined goal for your campaigns,you must be able to analyse the target audience for your ads.For eg. if you want to promote skirts & tops for young females in Singapore,your audience could be females in Singapore who must be in the age range of 20-35 years however if you are targeting females who are above 50 years then you may not be able to reach appropriate audience to sell your products.

Tip#3: Never sell directly

When you do Facebook advertising,it is very important that you must educate your audience first and help them to make decision to buy your products or services.The reason is simple.Facebook audience will never come on Facebook with the intention to buy.Rather,their intention is to spend some leisure time connecting with their friends and colleagues.Keeping this fact in mind,you must not try to sell them your products straight away.Instead,you must explain them the benefits & reasons of choosing your products or services and bring them from learning funnel to buying funnel.

Tip#4: Choose right demographics

Choosing the right demographics is another important factor which leads your Facebook marketing to success.This point is indirectly related to the point #2 which means you need to understand your audience and choose the right demographics based on the nature of your product & their target audience.From our experience as a Facebook marketing company in Singapore,we have noticed that the reason of failure for most of the Facebook advertising campaigns is not targeting the right demographics.

Tip#5: Choose distinct/outstanding graphics

For any Facebook advertising campaign,the graphics or ad image plays an important role because it encourages the users to stop by and read more about your ad.In other words,your images must be able to shout ‘please stop here and look at me’.So you must always try to use a distinct image but at the same time it should convey the same message as your ad description and title.Studies have proved that using human images with emotions always grabs the attention of users and generally have high conversion ratio.

Tip#6: Make sure to track

If you are not tracking your Facebook advertising campaigns,you are definitely going to loose a lot of money.By tracking your campaigns closely,you can make sure that your advertising efforts are moving in the right direction.By measuring the Facebook advertising performance,you can also modify the existing ads or boost the best performing ads which will surely give you high return on your investment.As a rule of thumb,you must always install pixel conversion script on your thanks page to track the conversions and best performing ads.

Tip#7: Monitor your campaigns & make necessary changes

Never think that you can have a best set of ad campaigns which will deliver great results to you forever.With the growing competition in every industry,its simply not possible to expect that same approach with always yield you same level of revenue.So,keep monitoring your campaigns & do necessary changes to beat the competition.