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7 Facebook Marketing Tips for Business Owners

When it comes to Facebook marketing, it’s not about the number of likes or shares that count; it’s the number of leads/sales that you get from it. After all, as a business owner, you are spending time & money on Facebook marketing and you should expect a high ROI.

As we mentioned in one of our earlier blogs most businesses are doing Facebook marketing wrong, here we would like to share 7 useful tips which you can apply to your Facebook marketing campaign and notice great results.


#1 Have a concise marketing plan

Very important! Before you post even a single post, you must ask yourself “what do I expect from my Facebook business page?”, “How can I get more sales from my Facebook page?”.When you ask these questions yourself, you will come up with some ideas & suggestions about targeting the right audience and post-effective stuff only.

Don’t waste your time posting your product details every day because it’s your Facebook page, not a billboard. You need to sharpen your knife well before you can crave the perfect shape of your marketing raw materials. In this scenario, we mean you must build the right audience first and enhance engagement with them. Most importantly show them that you care about their interests.

Once you build credibility among your targeted users, then you can ask them to do business with you and trust them, they won’t mind.

#2 Clear value proposition

Differentiate your business & products by defining and sharing a clear value proposition with your users. By having a clear line of distinction, you can let them know how different you are and how your products can add value to their lives or business. Even if you are in a business in which you have cut-throat competition, you can still differentiate yourself. All you need to do is close your eyes and start your thinking process. You will definitely come up with at least a couple of reasons why your customers should choose you and dump your competitors.

#3 Business page

Before starting any marketing activity on Facebook, just make sure that you have a complete business page with all the details mentioned therein. The more details, the better for your business.

People don’t like doing business with a company that skips adding their logo, product images, history & achievements on their Facebook page. This is the way. You go to a shop with a huge and nice board outside but nothing displayed inside. Will you do business with them? We can hear you saying ‘No’.

#4 Right Audience

There is an old saying “barking at the wrong tree never produces any results” which applies same to Facebook marketing (or better to say every kind of marketing). If you have chosen the wrong audience, no matter how good you do, at the end of the day you will still not get any business because they don’t actually need your services or products. So, it’s always best to target the right audience before you plan to make strategies for your Facebook marketing campaign.

#5 Call to Action

Neve miss a call to action in any of your marketing messages on Facebook. Don’t let users look here and there to find out the ways to contact you. If you do so, then you are going to lose potential customers.

Make sure that you always include call-to-action elements on your Facebook marketing page/sections. Not only include call-to-action but also make sure that it’s easier for your users to use them as well.

#6 Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights can provide you with a better understanding of your users and their behavior. It’s good to view the insights regularly to make sure that you are doing everything correctly. The insights also enable you to improve your approach and activities to get more. Keep experimenting and analyzing the results from your experiments.

#7 Right Time & Frequency

In Facebook marketing, the right time and frequency of posts matter a lot. If you are posting great stuff when your targeted audience is sleeping, you are wasting your material.

You can use insights to know the right time when your targeted audience is active and ready to digest your stories. You can also do several experiments with the posting frequency every week and compare at the end of the month which frequency worked best for you.

Most businesses say “Facebook marketing doesn’t work“.Do you also think if you follow the above tips,it will not work for you as well? Do let us know your thoughts on this. To ask any questions or share your thoughts you can always email us at info@innomediatechnologies.com