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5 Tips to Improve Facebook Posts for Facebook Marketing

Posting on Facebook effectively & to get maximum reach for your posts is the most critical & essential part of any successful Facebook marketing campaign. In this blog, we are going to share 5 tips for you to manage Facebook posts effectively.


#1 Plan Your Posting Schedule

Most businesses don’t get success in Facebook marketing because they start it without any plan and end up losing both money & time. It is very important for every business to create a roadmap for their journey of successful marketing on Facebook.

You can prepare a weekly or bi-monthly plan for your posts in advance so that you make sure that you provide strategic information to your audience.

#2 Power of Less

Since most Facebook users would scan your content in a few seconds, make sure to explain the purpose of your post in a brief but concise. It is unlikely that if you create lengthy (although useful) content, the users would read them & take the desired action.

The real challenge lies in creating short yet engaging content. You can take help & test your headline quality through a tool like http://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer.You just need to write your proposed title and hit the ‘Analyze’ button and it will display the score of your headline.

#3 Appropriate Time to Post

Every region & business has an ideal time & days to publish their posts on Facebook. For some businesses, it could be good to post on weekends however for other businesses, posts made during weekdays could fetch a good response rate.

You may like to experiment with different times and days to post on your Facebook page and analyze the results through Facebook Insights which will provide you with a report to determine the best time & days to engage with your audience.

#4 Make Most of Facebook Post Description

When you post a link on your Facebook page, it fetches the metadata automatically however you can edit it to meet your posting objective.

Your description, to a large extent, is helpful to encourage users to get engaged with your post, and therefore you must make sure to edit your post description creatively. Nevertheless, Facebook posts description is searchable, so adding keywords to your posts could be a great idea as well.

#5 Decide Your Post Type

There are 4 types of posts types on Facebook. Videos, Texts, Links & Photos. Depending on your Facebook marketing objective, you could choose the best post type for your business page and use it more often.

Various studies have proved that posting a video gets the maximum engagement followed by links, texts, and then photos. But you must give it a try and see what works best for your business.