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3 Secrets of Running Facebook Advertising Effectively

If you do a quick survey and ask a few businesses about the effectiveness of Facebook marketing or advertising, most of them would say “Well, it doesn’t work for our business”.While partially, this statement is true but only for those who don’t know how to run Facebook advertising effectively.


If you are planning to get started with Facebook advertising, then this blog post is for you because here we are going to share 3 important secrets which you must know before spending even $1 on Facebook advertising.

Secret #1 Don’t Forget Desktop Power

In Q1 of 2014, Facebook mobile ads officially overtook desktop ads: 53% vs. 47% of advertising revenue came from mobile. This means more than 50% of the users on Facebook come from mobiles as compared to desktops.

But this doesn’t mean that you should stop targeting desktop audiences because the studies have proved that most users buy or make decisions to buy on desktops rather than mobiles and with Facebook advertising, our primary goal is to get a high return on our investment rather than getting more traffic. Isn’t it?

Secret #2 Understand Facebook Users’ Mood

We all know that people love Facebook because they enjoy connecting with friends and knowing what the world is up to. In other words, Facebook users are in a fun mood rather than buying state.

Therefore, never try to sell anything directly to a Facebook audience. Instead, educate them first about your products, demonstrate the benefits of your products, and how your products can change their lives. After that only, ask them if they are interested to buy from you. If you are selling your products directly to the users, you are definitely spoiling their fun/leisure time.

Secret #3 Focus on Your Website

Generally, it has been noticed that most advertisers would promote their Facebook pages and applications rather than websites. Facebook has been making several changes frequently and there would be many, in the future too which we don’t know and have control of as well.

Due to any unpredictable drastic changes, we would definitely not like to lose our users so it would be a good idea to get them subscribed to your website instead.