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Facebook Marketing

12 Effective ad copies for eCommerce Facebook Ads

12 Tips To Write Facebook Ad Copies For Your eCommerce Campaign

Facebook Advertising has become an essential tool for eCommerce businesses to reach and engage with their target audience.  However, creating an effective ad copy can be challenging, and businesses may struggle to come up with the right message that resonates with their target audience.  In this blog post, we will […]

9 ways in which facebook ads can help your small business

9 Ways in Which Facebook Ads Can Help Your Small Business in Singapore

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become one of the most powerful tools for small businesses to reach and engage with their target audience.  Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in Singapore, with over 4.3 million active users as of 2021.  Facebook Advertising has become […]

Why Should You Invest in Facebook Advertising

Most of the businesses who’ve tried Facebook advertising without any luck haven’t got much to say good about it because they either didn’t do it well or they thought it to be a plug-and-play sort of advertising model. If you too think that Facebook advertising doesn’t work, think again! In […]

3 Best Ways to Optimize Facebook Ads with Pixels

Have you been running Facebook ads for quite some time now? Do you have already a few ads that have been performing well or you are not sure about the performance of the ads? Well, in this blog, we will share how you can measure your Facebook ads performance and […]

5 Tips to Improve Facebook Posts for Facebook Marketing

Posting on Facebook effectively & to get maximum reach for your posts is the most critical & essential part of any successful Facebook marketing campaign. In this blog, we are going to share 5 tips for you to manage Facebook posts effectively. #1 Plan Your Posting Schedule Most businesses don’t get success […]

Benefits of Facebook Remarketing

What is Remarketing Through Remarketing,you can advertise to the users who already visited your webpage & once showed interest in your products or services.Facebook enables you to group the different users in their respective segment and show them your custom ads based on their status. For eg. if you have an […]

Writing Compelling Ad Copy for Facebook Advertising

Ads are one of the most important elements of a successful Facebook marketing plan. In this blog, we will share a few essential characteristics of a compelling ad copy. #1 Ask Questions Asking questions in the ad copy is a great way to segment the users & grab their attention. […]

Bidding Explained in Facebook Advertising

There are several types of options available (as of the date of writing this blog) for bidding in Facebook advertising. In this blog, we are going to talk about them in detail. #1 Link Clicks to Website/Pay Per Impressions In this case, Facebook will show your ads to the users […]

3 Secrets of Running Facebook Advertising Effectively

If you do a quick survey and ask a few businesses about the effectiveness of Facebook marketing or advertising, most of them would say “Well, it doesn’t work for our business”.While partially, this statement is true but only for those who don’t know how to run Facebook advertising effectively. If […]

6 Important Areas of a Facebook Page

If you believe in Facebook marketing for your business, then this blog post is for you. We all know that when a user clicks on your Facebook page link through your website, emails, advertisements, etc. the first thing that impresses them is the look and feel of your Facebook page. Isn’t […]

The pros and cons of a Facebook login on eCommerce sites

When you browse through the web, you will come across plenty of websites that ask you for your Facebook credentials to access the pages, especially eCommerce websites. Web publishers and content sites use the Facebook profile of users in order to promote their brands and expand their client base. There […]

Finding Targeted Audience for Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools that can be used to effectively drive customers for your business but in order to get maximum from it, you must be able to target the right audience. Most businesses fail to target the targeted audience and as a result, […]

7 Facebook Marketing Tips for Business Owners

When it comes to Facebook marketing, it’s not about the number of likes or shares that count; it’s the number of leads/sales that you get from it. After all, as a business owner, you are spending time & money on Facebook marketing and you should expect a high ROI. As […]

How Facebook Marketing Can Do Wonders for Your Ecommerce Website

With more than 1.5 Billion(continuously increasing) registered users,Facebook has become undoubtedly one of the strongest social networking platforms.Its huge database is definitely mouth-watering for every marketer including ecommerce merchants.Having an ecommerce website alone doesn’t guarantee success & revenue for any company,there must be good amount of traffic on your ecommerce website to […]

Why Facebook Marketing is Good for Your Business

Today’s customers are smart. They are really fed up with commercials and advertisements that they watch on TV or read in newspapers. Today’s customers want to hear/read first-hand reviews before buying any product or service and here comes the importance of social media especially Facebook marketing to help. In this […]

Why So Many Businesses Are Getting Facebook Marketing Wrong

Even though most of the businesses are aware of the powerful impact of Facebook marketing to grow their company,still most of them are getting it wrong.You may assume that these businesses fail to do well in Facebook marketing because they don’t actually know how to use it for their businesses.Well that could […]

5 good reasons to do Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the effective but under-valued mediums of online marketing today. Many advertisers do not believe that Facebook advertising can bring great results for their businesses. In this blog, we are going to tell you 5 good reasons for spending time & money on Facebook advertising. Reason […]

7 helpful tips to improve Facebook advertising campaign

Its been a nightmare for most of the advertisers to get results from Facebook marketing.You will hear from very few of the advertisers that Facebook marketing really works.However,the fact is that it is really not very difficult to get desired outcome from Facebook advertising however one needs to follow few tips […]