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Facebook Advertising

Get More Leads & Sales Through Facebook

Our Facebook Advertising Package is designed in such a way that you get not only leads & sales for your business, but you also get the benefit of brand promotion for your business on both Facebook & Google

We help you to grow your sales & leads/inquiries through Facebook Ads
Try for 3 months & you will see the results

We often meet several startup & small business owners in Singapore who ask us some of the questions like below:

What are the best yet affordable ways to increase the traffic on my website and get more sales & leads?

I have limited budget. Can you still help me to grow my business leads & sales through Facebook advertising?

So we have come up with an economical package for small businesses. Because we know that most of the startups or small businesses don’t want to invest a lot of money on their advertising campaigns.

Our economical package for Facebook advertising costs only $1050/mo. which includes ads spending of $250 while you still get all the features that are required to run a successful online advertising campaign.

Usual Price: $1250/mo.

Offer Price: $1050/mo.
(Includes Ads Spending of $250/mo.)

How We Make Your Facebook Ads Successful

Focus On Landing Page

Instead of sending your targeted audience (from Facebook Ads) to the homepage or any other usual page of your website, we created specific landing pages for each ad category. 

These landing pages help us to generate more conversions for your business.

Pixel Tracking

Facebook pixels are primarily used to track the conversions. 

But do you know that Facebook pixels also help to define custom audiences based on their behaviour & actions on your website? 



Facebook Remarketing helps to advertise your products or services to those people who have already visited your website and shown interest in your product or service. 

It helps boost conversions and lowers the overall cost per customer acquisition.

Meaningful Reporting

Our services also include solid analytic & reporting through which you can easily monitor traffic, sales and leads generated with our Facebook advertising services.

No, we don’t show those complicated reports to you. We use only meaningful attributes & figures in your report.

A/B Experiments

When you hire Innomedia for your Facebook Ads campaign, you will notice that we don’t rely on specific set of ads. Instead, we keep experimenting with different ads & landing pages to continue with the performing ones and eliminate the non-performing ones.

Creative Graphics

Being a web design company, we have in-house graphic designers to help our Facebook advertising team to come up with creative imagery to be used for your Facebook ads. 

As we all know, creative imageries is the key to success in Facebook Advertising. 

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Our Facebook Advertising Plans

Posting Frequency (Weekly)

Targeted Likes on FB (Per Month)

Polls, Offers & Coupons (Monthly)

Cover Image Rotation (Monthly)

Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook Ads Spending Budget

Participation in Replies

Monthly Reporting

Conversion Tracking

Facebook Remarketing

Videos Creation

Videos Promotion















Why Facebook?

Exposure: With more than 1.40 billion monthly active users (figure as on March 31, 2015),there is no doubt that Facebook exposure can grow your business manifold. Reaching huge number of targeted audience at a reasonable cost was never so easy in the history of advertising.

Cost-Effectiveness: If you’ve had experience in advertising with other online or offline platforms, you better know what we mean here. Reaching your targeted audience with just a cost-per-click of few cents or dollars is really an amazing opportunity.

Brand Building: Again, talking about your products & services on a giant platform like Facebook & sharing your stories with millions of users will definitely generate brand awareness for your business.