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6 Killer ways to increase ecommerce sales from mobile checkout

Mobile usage is on rise. We all know that.

At the same time, we also know that there has been a steady increase in the usage of smart devices for almost a decade.

Having said this, it won’t be wrong to say that if an ecommerce website is not responsive or mobile-friendly, it could probably lose a potential sales figure.

At the same time, we believe that even if an ecommerce website is responsive (mobile-friendly), but it doesn’t have user-friendly elements on important sections like checkout, billing/shipping information or cart review pages, it will be of no use too.

Now here’s what we mean.

If your ecommerce website is not user-friendly on its responsive view, it is likely that your website won’t convert much visitors into paid customers.

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How can you ensure that your online store has all the qualities that are required to let mobile users checkout easily & hassle-free?

In this blog post, we are going to share 6 super ways to ensure that your ecommerce website has all essential features to get sales from mobile checkout.

It won’t be wrong if we say that this blog will help you to make your ecommerce website ‘mobile checkout friendly’.

The good news that its very easy for your web developer to implement these minor yet effective tweaks and help you to get more sales.

Let’s begin!

#1 Allow Guest Checkout

No matter if your website has guest checkout system for desktop users or not but if its not there on mobiles, then its a matter of worry.


When your potential customers are on your website using their PC/desktops, it is likely that they have both patience and space to complete registration process.

But when your potential customers are using their mobile phones, they can easily lose their patience when they are asked to fill lengthy registration forms. As a result, they quit.

So the thumb rule is always to ask as less information as possible on mobile phones, if you’re really serious about your sales from mobile.

#2 Clear & Concise Buttons

On a small 5 or 6 inch mobile screens , sometimes it really becomes difficult to click small buttons for the device users. Ask yourself and you will definitely be able to recall some moments when you had also faced the same problem.

In case of ecommerce websites, there shouldn’t be any space for risks especially when you know the loophole.

Therefore, its always advisable for ecommerce businesses to ensure that all the action buttons on each webpage of their website should be clear, bigger and prominent.

If you do some research on the websites of successful ecommerce businesses, you will find one common thing in all of these websites that they do have prominent action buttons like ‘Add to Cart‘, ‘Proceed to Checkout‘ or ‘Pay Now‘.

Again the good thing is that it takes few hours for your ecommerce web developer to implement this advice.

#3 Show Progress Bar

Even if you have a short form for the users to fill while checkout, you must ensure that you keep your potential buyers informed about the approximate time that will be required to complete the form.

The best way to inform the users about the time required for the form completion is to show the progress bar.

A progress bar for any form helps the user to understand the length of that form it also helps them to understand how much information they have filled so far.

Progress bar becomes even more important in case of mobile checkout.


As we’ve already share above that the users have little or no patience to fill out lengthy forms when they are on mobiles. Having said this, a progress bar can help them to be patient when they realise that they have already filled a major portion of the form.

#4 Form Fields Size

Again, a 5 or 6 inch mobile screen makes it difficult for the users to tap & fill the required information. It could be even worst if the size of those fields are even smaller. As a result, the result may end up in frustration by clicking multiple times to input the information in a single field.

What’s the solution?

You guessed it right. Make sure that each and every field of your checkout form is spacious enough so that the users with thick fingers can also tap easily.

Your web developer can really implement this tip in few hours only. Yes, there are couple of tweaks in CSS file that your web designer needs to do.

#5 Say No to Popups

Popups are really annoying for the users. It becomes even worst when they appear on mobiles.

As a thumb rule, you must ensure that there is no popup during whole checkout process of your ecommerce website, especially on your mobiles.

#6 Clear Messages

Have you even been to an ecommerce website from where you wanted to buy few items and while checkout you did some mistake or filled some information wrongly? What happened next? You saw some error messages highlighted in red color. Sounds familiar?

Yes, these red error messages are to inform the users about the mistake they did while completing the checkout form.

Now what if you see these error messages in tiny font size which you even can’t read properly?

You will definitely get frustrated.

It is always advisable to make sure that all the messages that are shown while completing the checkout process must be clearly visible to the users so that they can take appropriate action and fix the error.


Sure, mobile shopping has been increasing steadily and show no traces of slowing down in the coming times. But are we really prepared for it? Have we really equipped our ecommerce websites adequately to cater the traffic from mobiles?

Above are but few of the advices to be implemented on your responsive ecommerce web design and minimize the order abandonment rate.