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Role Of Web Designers In Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization,a web designer can also play a vital role to get a website on the higher positions of search engines and for this,the web designers doesn’t require to undergo any SEO course.There are few tips for all the web designers following which they can contribute in the enhancement of search engine ranking positions (SERP).

Role Of Web Designers In Search Engine Optimization

In this blog, we will discuss few of the important rules which a web designer must make sure to follow while designing any website.

Rule #1: Clean Code Writing

A web designer or web developer is responsible for the codes used on the website and therefore they must check their codes and make sure that the codes are in accordance with W3C standards.Search engines like Google also consider the code validity and standardizations while considering any website for ranking on searches made by their users.

Rule #2: SEO Friendly URLs

The web developers must make sure that the URL for each page must be SEO friendly.For e.g. if a page talks about SEO company in Singapore, the page URL should be websitename.com/services/seo-company-singapore instead of websitename.com/service?id=1&val=true. This conventional scheme of URL makes it easier for search engines to understand about the page content in a better way and thereby increases the chances of website visibility on search engines for the specified keywords.All the SEO companies must train their website designers and developers about the importance of SEO friendly URLs.

Rule #3: Webpage Loading Speed

While developing any website, the web designers must make sure that all the webpages must be get downloaded in max 5-6 seconds which is good for both users and search engines.Studies show that users tend to quite those websites which take more than 8 seconds to load the pages.It is therefore highly recommendable for every web design company to train their web developers on this criteria of SEO friendly websites.

Rule #4: Broken Links

There is likely chance while development of any website that the web designers may ignore the importance of navigation linking compliance.It is therefore advised to all the web designers to use tools like XENU to make sure that there is no broken links on the website.If any broken link is found on the website, the web designer must fix this issue especially when the website is live otherwise it may affect the credibility of the website adversely.Search engines like Google always consider to rank those websites which have no broken links.

Rule #5: Provision of all important tags

While developing any website,web developers must make sure that they have given the provision to enter all the necessary SEO friendly tags like title,meta description,alt tags,anchor tags,h1/h2/h3 tags and so on.These tags are helpful for search engines to understand about the overall context of the web pages and therefore increases the chances of getting those websites on the noticeable positions of search engines.

By taking care of above mentioned SEO-friendly factors of a website,your web designer can contribute to the success of your online business & company.