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Website Maintenance Services

Are you looking for website maintenance services in Singapore?

No matter whatever is the size of your company, you definitely need regular web maintenance. Because you want your website to look better with updated content, fast loading speed, nice graphics and other usability elements, you have all the reasons to hire a web designer who can maintain your website efficiently yet cost-effectively.

Why Website Maintenance Services?

Similar to your home, car, lawn and your health,your website also needs regular maintenance. After completion of your website development, its not all over. Website maintenance is as important as having a website if you really want to add some online revenue for your company.

If you are worried about the budget to maintain your website regularly,then here is a a good news for you – Innomedia is a web design company in Singapore that provides website maintenance services at an affordable price.


Website Maintenance Services

Web Maintenance Packages

Monthly hours for updates

Full website backup

Monthly update reporting

Internal linking  (SEO)

XML sitemaps (SEO)

CMS/plugins update 

Speed testing & optimization

Responsive testing/fixing

Forms testing & fixing

Minimum Commitment



per month

10 hours

3 months



per month

25 hours

2 months



per month

40 hours

Not Applicable

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Website Maintenance Services