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3 Best Ways to Optimize Facebook Ads with Pixels

Have you been running Facebook ads for quite sometime now? Do you have already few ads  that have been performing well or you are not sure about the ads performance? Well,in this blog, we will share how you can measure your Facebook ads performance and at the same time when you know which ads work well,how you can optimize your next ads.

In order to measure the performance of your Facebook marketing, you need to install a code snippet that Facebook provides to every advertiser known as “Facebook pixel” which you can install and track whether people do specific things on your website like viewing a certain web page,adding items to their cart or buying a product.Once you have this information with you,you know which ads convert best,isn’t it? If you don’t know how Facebook pixel works,you must read our blog which explains this at its best.

Assuming that you are already armed with the knowledge that pixels provide,below are few things which you can perform to optimize your Facebook ads:

#1 Use Lookalike Audience

‘Lookalike Audience’ feature on Facebook enables you to reach more people who are similar to particular group of people who have performed a common action.For eg. by installing pixel script on the checkout page,you can track & create a group of people who have already purchased products from your website using Facebook advertisements.It makes sense to target people who are similar to the buyers who purchase products from your website through Facebook marketing and you can achieve it with ‘Lookalike Audience’ feature.

Lookalike audiences can be created in Facebook’s Ads Manager or Power Editor.

3 Best Ways to Optimize Facebook Ads with Pixels

#2 Update Your Images

With the help of Facebook pixels,you can identify well performing ads and their images so that you can use them as an inspiration for new ads image copy too.

3 Best Ways to Optimize Facebook Ads with Pixels

#3 Take Advantage of Carousel

Once you have identified a series of successful ad copy images through Facebook pixel tracking, you can use all of them together as an image carousel for your next ad.Carousel ad type allows you to display multiple images in a single unit.

Carousel ads are even better for ecommerce businesses who can use these ads for cross-selling complementary products to their re-marketed customers who had clicked on certain pages of your website but never purchased.

3 Best Ways to Optimize Facebook Ads with Pixels